Advanced course in BEAUTY THERAPY

Advanced course in beauty therapy is a six months course that trains you in specific skill sets, which are pre-requisites to succeed as a professional beauty therapist. With this course, you will gain all the skills required to succeed as an Aesthetician in the beauty industry. Being an advanced course, it gives a deeper understanding of advanced skin treatments and helps students become an expert professional.


The course is designed by experts from the industry and Lakmé Salon as well as Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech mentors. They provide hands-on training in beauty products, tools, techniques, equipments, and their usage. You also get exposure to latest aesthetics of skin and beauty, which are the pre-requisites to enter the professional world of glamour.

This course is a perfect pick for those who want to explore beyond foundation course in beauty therapy . Enrol now and mark your entry in the beauty industry as a certified Aesthetician.

Course Duration:

574 Hours | Skills Gained

Get hands-on training in:


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